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5 Surefire Strategies to Intensify Website Revenue in 2020


In today’s digital era, websites become an asset for any business. The rapid increase in business opportunities attracts many entrepreneurs to build their website. The easy to use CMS and easy domain pk registrations provide a smooth gateway to create an online presence. However, as the websites increases, the competition also gets raised.

Intensifying website revenue becomes a major concern amongst website owners. In the digital world, getting traffic becomes one of the important components of websites. To intensify website revenue in 2020, you just need to spend a bit of time and resources to draw traffic to your site. Regardless of current traffic, there are some strategies that you can implement to intensify website revenue.

By following the strategies discussed below, you can easily take benefits and increase website revenue in 2020.

1.  Secondary Ticket Integration

To intensify website revenue, you can easily integrate your site with secondary tickets. Whether you are running a tech blog, music blog, or fashion blog, every top ambassador in the field is having meetings, concerts, or various public seminars. You can add secondary ticket integration to your site without any hassle.

By just having access to the application programming interface, you can easily allow your visitors to purchase tickets through your site. This will give you an excellent revenue for your business.

2. Give Away Free Newsletters

Newsletters are an essential part of any blog to generate sales and increase traffic. If you give away free newsletters against email, you can grab the email and increase the sales. But how email can generate sales? Usually, the interested people who signed up for the newsletters can know the detailed information related to your product.


This results in the best conversion rates in the email list that ultimately helps you to target and sell their desirable products. Hence, by applying this strategy, you can intensify website revenue more easily.

3. Write More Content

Content is the king in the digital world. To earn more through AdSense, you need to write more content. Make sure that you write quality content that engages users and gives a solution to their problems. When it comes to writing content, you must need to target keywords. With proper keyword placement, you can easily rank on search engines and can get more visitors. The top tips you can follow includes

  • Write at least 1000-2000 words article, which is considered as an optimal content length for SEO.
  • Using Big Data Analytics, you can see the revenue by word count to understand the earning according to the audience and articles.
  • Do Strong keyword research and always take care of keyword density.

4. Sell Product or Service

One of the best ways to intensify website revenue in 2020 is to sell products or services. You don’t usually need to create your product. But by using affiliate marketing and promoting other’s products, you can generate a good income.

5. Create & Promote Visual Content

In the past few years, visual content becomes an integral part of digital marketing. To intensify website revenue, you can easily create visual content. The informative videos can help you in growing your site and, ultimately, more profits. This can be one of the best ways to generate high revenue.


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