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Hodge Twins Wives
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Meet the Hodge Twins Wives, Keith and Kevin Hodge more popularly known as such, are American YouTubers, fitness experts, and comedians. A pair of identical twin brothers born and raised in Virginia, they have become popular for their funny and often inappropriate commentary about different topics like fitness, relationships, and politics. They possess a distinct mixture of humor and straight-to-the-point advice which has led them to millions of followers on YouTube and other social media networks. Besides their online persona, they are also entrepreneurs, being involved in merchandising and fitness coaching. They stay off their personal lives as much as possible, but from time to time they show their wives in their videos. The indisputable energy and straightforward attitude of the Hodge Twins have even led to them being admired in the online community.

source: foxbusinessmarkets.com

Who are the Hodge Twins? (Hodge Twins Wives)

The famous YouTube personalities Hodge Twins are identical twin brothers Keith and Kevin Hodge also known for their dynamic presence on almost all social media platforms. Hailing from Virginia, USA on September 17, 1975, the duo became famous for their interesting videos mainly touching on the areas of fitness, comedy, and current events.

The Hodge twins wives came into the internet scene with a fitness-based background. They started by offering workout tips and nutrition advice as well as motivation on their YouTube videos later followed by a lot more that endeared them to the population. Nevertheless, they soon broadened their content to include a variety of humorous commentaries, from politics to pop culture. 

When it comes to the Hodge twins wives, what makes them stand out is their irresistible energy, hilarious repartee, and uninhibited opening up about different matters. they talk about anything from enthusiastic debates to comic parodies and deep life reflections and rightfully so amassing an army of over 10 million followers.

Hodgetwins Wife Background, Parents, Net Worth, Ethnicity, and Nationality

Hodge Twins Wiki

Real names Kevin Hodge and Keith Hodge
Commonly used Names Hodgetwins, Conservative Twins Read more
Gander Male
Marital status Married Read
Place of birth Martinsville, Virginia, in the United States
Nationality American Read
Religion Christianity
Date of birth: September 17th, 1975  September 17th, 1975
Zodiac sign  Virgo
 Age 46 years
Eye color Black
Hair Color Dark brown
Profession YouTubers, comedians, political commentators
Years active 2008 – present
Sexual orientation Straight

Who Are Hodge Twins Wives

They occasionally touch on their families in their content but overall they keep some privacy regarding their spouses and children. Hence, particular details about the Hodge Twins Wives’ wives, for instance, their names or professions are generally held from the public.

What the Age Of The Hodge Twins

The Hodge Twins “Brothers”, were born on September, 17,1975. What this implies is that by early 2022, both of them were 46 years of age. Nevertheless, this has to be considered that their age may be different from the original value due to the present time. But their birth year was 1975, therefore, they are 45 years old. And it is certainly going up

Hodge Twins Parents

The siblings have kept a comfort zone about their kin. The bloggers mention their family upbringing and experiences occasionally; however, they do not attempt to explore their parents’ personal lives/identities in detail. Rather than that, they predominantly deal with sports, comedy, and all commentaries. Therefore, relatively little about their parents is known to the Hodge Twins Wives’ spectators.

Hodge Twin’s Net Worth

Hodge Twins, Keith, and Kevin, worth only a million dollars were estimated. The major sources of their wealth comprise their successful YouTube channel; merchandise deals; book deals; paid appearances; and supplement company. Over the years, twins have developed a large audience and variety of businesses ultimately. Delivering several income sources not just from the content they provide online. Nevertheless, one should bear in mind that net worth can vary over time. A result of factors like increases/decreases in income, investments, and expenditures.

Hodge Twins Nationality

The Hodge Twins, Keith and Kevin Hodge were born and raised in America which makes them American. Virginia, USA. U.S. is their motherland and they have established both professionally and through their public characters in the States. They have been internationalized via their online website and social media accounts but they are still considered as United States nationals.

Who will the Hodgetwins wed with?

The twins occasionally reference their married life but mostly stay discreet when it comes to their family members. Their wives might prefer to be away from the spotlight but the twins continue to delight and motivate their audience with a distinct mixture of humor, fitness tips, and other opinions. Kevin and Keith are both married ladies of Mexican descent. Elizabeth is Keith’s wife’s name. For more than 20 years he has been married.

Are the Hodge twins also siblings?

Yes, the Hodge Twins, Keith, and Kevin, have brothers. The sister is named Rosalind, the other brother is called Michael. Though they sometimes refer to their brothers and sisters in their writing, broadly the twins keep silent about the identities and private lives of their relatives.

The Hodgetwins’ nationality is what?

The Hodge Twins, Keith and Kevin Hodge, are American. She and her husband are the ones who were born and grew up in Virginia, USA and they are of American nationality.

For what are the Hodge twins known?

The twins named Hodge, i.e., Keith and Kevin Hodge, are popularly recognized for their YouTube channel which has an array of things like fitness, comedy, and commentary on subjects. They became popular as a result of the humorous way they presented the information about fitness, nutrition, and living that they offered. As time passed, they started producing content on current events, politics, and societal issues, bringing in sarcasm and straightforwardness. Their particular mix of humor, charisma, and informative content has helped them create such a large and devoted following that they stand as famous figures in the internet fitness and entertainment realm

Where is the one place for the twins Hodge now?

Keith and Kevin Hodge, popularly referred to as the Hodge Twins Wives. Lead a secretive lifestyle concerning their current location of stay. The twins are natives of Virginia, a state in the USA as well as internet celebrities through their. YouTube channel where they post videos with genres ranging from fitness tips to funny commentary With millions of subscribers globally. They have become prominent influencers within fitness and entertainment circles on the internet. Details of their origin still being a secret, the twins keep fascinating their audience with their peculiar combination of wit. Charm, and information, motivating and entertaining people worldwide.

What do the Hodge twins earn?

The exact income of The Hodge Twins Wives, ‘Keith and Kevin Hodge’. Is not disclosed to the public. Despite that. These kids are expected to have a net worth in the millions of dollars. Which are earned mostly from their successful YouTube channel, merchandise sales, and book deals. Speaking engagements, partnerships, and supplement line.

How much are the Hodge twins?

Up to date in 2024, the Hodge Twins, Keith. and Kevin Hodge have collectively amassed a net worth estimated to be $20 million. This substantial wealth is acquired from their successful ventures comprising their famous. YouTube channels, live comedy shows, and their fitness training services.


Hodge Twins Wives, Keith, and Kevin Hodge emerge as enigmatic figures in the realm of  YouTube stardom. Their journey from Virginia roots to global recognition showcases a blend of humor. Fitness expertise, and astute commentary on various subjects. While they maintain a veil of privacy around their personal lives. Their impact on millions of followers is undeniable. With a multimillion-dollar empire and unwavering online allure, the Hodge Twins continue to captivate audiences worldwide, leaving an indelible mark on the digital landscape. Canceling your Hodge Twins Wives VIP subscription requires you to log in to your account. Access membership settings, and locate your VIP membership. Initiate cancellation, follow prompts, and verify cancellation. And check for billing confirmation. In case you face any difficulty; contacting customer support for assistance will be adequate.

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