Shawty Bae Net Worth, Age, Height, Real Name, Boyfriend

shawty bae net worth

Jasmine Orlando- shawty bae net worth is presenting just about 300,000 dollars by October 2023. This eight-digit number represents the 21-year-old internet sensation’s age by our calculations. This day on the 8th November of 2002 the admirable girl’s was born. Shawty Bae, aka #1 Hottie, 155 centimeters (5 feet 1 inch) tall and weighing around 59 kilograms (130 pounds), is a cute blonde teenager with a positive attitude. The estimated size of her net worth is 1 million USD which she got from social media, merchandising, and other kinds of brand promotions. As of today, Shawty Bae has not reported publicly or officially that she is in a relationship, but she has been linked to a TikToker named Willits.

Shawty Bae Net Worth

This girl is 21 years of age she has no proven name just a nickname. shawty bae net worth, on the other hand, she is a social media influencer who creates entertaining content. The likes of TikTok and Instagram. The shortest of our amazing crew members. She is known to stand at 5 feet 1 inch tall or 155 centimeters in technical terms. She has scaled her weight between 130 pounds and 59 kilograms. And yet, little is known about the power of their heterogeneous TikTok following. Dominated primarily by Latinas and the LGBTQ+ community, women, moreover. 

Her evolution in popularity is largely owed to her witty content. Daily Lives on TikTok, and connection to Bell’s Palsy, the disease. Which basically made her very lovable to audiences with pure hearts. While Ms. Singhi’s popular sayings like “Oh my Gatos,” “I’m richness,” and “I’m famousness” even got into meme-making on TikTok. Surprisingly, the fame of Shawty Bae was so strongly spiraled, and indeed social media of which fan meet-and-greets garnered massive success.

Who Is Shawty Bae?

Shayty bae becomes popular with TicTok both Present as the social media influencer on TikTok. She possesses a large, well-established online presence, which includes the following. She is primarily known through one of her social media outlets. TikTok, on which she posts different types of content like lip-syncs. Reaction videos as well as belly dancing.

On twitter, she boasts a large following with her more than 1.3 m followers. In addition to the aforementioned social networking sites. She also streams her new videos on a YouTube channel where she posts vlogs, pranks. Q&A sessions and makeup tutorials. Subscribers might not be as many as her TikTok account. But it still got past 57,000 followers. Her personal Life outside of the public eye is vague. And nobody knows her real name or relationship status.

Shawty Bae Age, Height

And for today’s March 24, there are 2 probabilities for the true shawty bae net worth at her age. 21 years old. In terms of the most recent information found online about her birthdate coming up November 8, 2002, is correct or not is of no concern here as that would make her 21 years old now. 20 years old: The possible situation that her birthday will not yet be over in 2040 is another problem to consider. She would, thus, still be 20 after 10 years later.

It is said that weighed up to another source on the internet, Bae Shawty stands tall about 5 feet and 1 inch which is approximated to be 155 centimeters too.

Shawty Bae Real Name, Boyfriend

Jasmine Orlando is a young aviation enthusiast who goes by the name of ‘shawty bae net worth’. When we get to her boyfriend, Shawty Bae doesn’t have a boyfriend right now, however, a lot of rumors have been circulating on social media about her dating Willits, a fellow TikTok star.

What type of disability does Shawty Bae have?

From what I heard, at a certain period of time, Bae involved Ban in this case stood for Bell’s palsy, which is a paralysis disease that affects the facial muscles.

Why is Shawty Bae famous?

Shawty Bae – also known as Jasmine Orlando – is the TikTok superstar with a number of videos showing her lipsyncing, comedy clips, and dancing.
Shawty Bae has made good use of her huge following on the platform, obtaining more than half a million followers on her @shawtybaeofficial TikTok account. Next, Shawty Bae is famous for her IG or YouTube accounts where she uploads her vlogs, pranks, Q&As, cosmetic tutorials and other videos. Her road to stardom began with being originally an early adopter of TikTok when it was called to exhibit her artistic abilities and to entertain a broad community of audience.

Fast facts about Shawty Bae 

  • Real Name: Jasmine Orlando
  • Age: 21 years old
  • Height: 5 feet 1 inch (155 centimeters)
  • Condition: Shawty Bae is associated with Bell’s Palsy, a condition that causes temporary facial paralysis
  • Popularity: Shawty Bae is famous for her engaging content on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, where she shares lip-syncs, reactions, belly dancing videos, vlogs, pranks, Q&As, and cosmetics tutorials
  • Net Worth: Alleged net worth of $1 million
  • Boyfriend: Currently not dating anyone, but rumored to be involved with fellow TikTok star Willits

Does Shawty Bae have Instagram?

Yes, Shawty Bae has an Instagram account under the handle @shawtybaeofficial_

Why is Shawty Bae Popular?

Jasmine Amber or Shrewty Bae has built her reputation on the network of TikTok. Instagram, and YouTube through reparative and entertaining videos. She involves dancing her belly, lip-syncs, reactions, Q&As, pranks, and cosmetic tutorials. She crosses the boundaries between vlogging and appealing to her fan base. From the time she started using TikTok as part of her early journey. She has grown rapidly into the internet phenomenon she is today.

Demo her talents and creativity to draw a possible wide audience Besides her conviction rates. She is also renowned as Bell’s Palsy, an inflammatory condition that causes paralysis on one side of the face. Which makes her relatable to a wide group of adolescent fans. Furthermore, she is entirely slippery, rehashing catchphrases like “Oh my gates,” “I see exuberance,” and. “I’m famous” which are turning meme-y within the TikTok community. By a celebrity, Shawty became popular by mid of 2023. This popularity drastically spiked when videos of her at the meet-and-greet fan events went viral.

has shawty bae ever talked about her ethnicity in her TikTok videos

Jasmine Orland, heir to the stage name Shawty who is from Ecuador, is of Hispanic ethnicity, her parents being the first generation immigrants.

Meet Shawty Bae, A Viral TikTok Star

The TikTok star Jasmine Orlando, known by many as shawty bae net worth, has grown so popular in a short time. Her ability to keep her viewers engaged with her posts, creative videos, or funny persona on the platform has resulted in many people following her. Lisa does likely have a variety of videos on her TikTok account, for example, dance challenges, comedy skits, or lip-syncing videos. Such content types probably inspire her audience and help her stay current. The social media network TikTok has proved that social media is the new arena for celebrities and influencers to be created and promoted.

Shawty Bae Husband

Shawty Bae- her actual name being Jasmine Orlando- is the one behind those articles, and she is neither married nor has a husband. At the moment she is not in any relationship but it has been seen around rumors that she is dating a TikToker, named Willits.


What is Shawty Baes real name?

Shawty Bae’s real name is Jasmine Orlando

Does Shawty Bae have a condition?

Yes, Shawty Bae is reported to have a mental disability that she has not openly discussed

Who is Shawty Bae’s boyfriend?

Shawty Bae is currently not dating anyone, but there have been rumors suggesting that. she might be involved with a fellow TikTok star named Willito.

Is Shawty Bae Mexican?

Shawty Bae, whose real name is Jasmine Orlando, is of Latina ethnicity, with her parents being from Ecuador. While she is not Mexican, she has roots in Ecuador.


In conclusion, Shawty Bae, also known as Jasmine Orlando. Is a 21-year-old TikTok star and social media influencer known for. Her engaging content on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. She stands at 5 feet 1 inch tall (155 centimeters) and has gained popularity for her lip-syncs, reactions. Belly dancing videos, vlogs, pranks, Q&As, and cosmetics tutorials. Shawty Bae’s rise to fame began with her early adoption of TikTok and her association with Bell’s Palsy. While she is not married and does not have a husband. There have been rumors about her potential involvement with fellow TikTok star Willits. Shawty Bae’s ethnicity is Latina, with her parents being from Ecuador.