When are Expert Witnesses Needed?


The term ‘expert witness‘ can sound like a lot to anyone unfamiliar with the profession.  These skilled individuals have insight into particular fields. Ranging from economics to forensic anthropology. Will work hard to explain their case for the current lawsuit.  Although not every patient needs an expert witness, they are still highly requested for many instances every day.

Here are some of the top lawsuits that need these pros and what they do.


Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice suits are some of the terrifying cases for victims to go through.  They trust these medical professionals and are put through some errors that can endanger their life. Or mess with their quality of life.  Fortunately, expert witnesses can help explain to the court exactly what happened to the victim and why it would be considered malpractice and the victim should be compensated.


Workplace Discrimination

Economic experts know how wrong workplace discrimination is for the victims and how unsafe it can make a work environment feel.  Because of this, they can go over what a company has done that caused this to happen.  The problem could range from hiring practices to how current employees are treated and draining for the people involved.

On the other hand, a business may hire an expert witness to discuss how they didn’t do anything wrong and couldn’t have prevented what happened.  This is the most common in cases where it happened off work property or outside of work hours.


Insurance Lawsuits

Although most insurance lawsuits are medical-based, these are supremely different from malpractice suits.  These suits exist when a person tries to claim something that happened to them, and the insurance company denies it or refuses to pay what the person believes they’re owed.  An expert witness in these lawsuits works to show the extent of the injury or damage and take precautions to offer an unbiased account of what happened and how it affected the victim.  The insurance company may also hire them to prove the case against the suing person. 


Jury Cases In General

Although judges aren’t experts in every field, most have seen enough lawsuits to understand what’s going on with most cases.  In jury trials, though, there’s usually a mix of all sorts of people from different walks of life who have different experiences.  An expert witness is there to walk them through what they believe happened based on their expertise and show notes on why the jury should come to a particular decision.  These are the most important cases for these professionals.


Non-Lawsuit Needs


At some times, an economic expert that would ordinarily get work as an expert witness is put to work, helping companies avoid lawsuits.  In this work line, they’re used to discuss safe hiring, firing. And other practices that will keep employees happy and feel respected in what they do.  These professionals know what comes up in a lawsuit. What looks bad for a company, and what will keep a business out of trouble.