Tips To Find Your Ideal Glasses According To Your Face

Ideal Glasses

Currently, glasses have become another accessory when deciding on your outfit. Therefore, finding your ideal glasses becomes an important task. In today’s post, we give you the tricks you need to find the glasses that best match your face. Discover them! 

Social networks show us a great diversity of styles of glasses, shapes, sizes and your big dilemma is: which ones favor me? It is difficult to find the ideal glasses for oneself since it happens that many times you fall in love with a particular frame, but when you try it on, you are not convinced how they fit you. This is because each face, depending on the shape, size, and tone of the eyes, hair, and eyebrows, favors some glasses more than others.

The quintessential social network of the image, fashion, and trends, is torn between very fine wires and frames with thick paste; what is clear is that the prevailing shape this season is rounded. However, choose the glasses that best suit you and not the ones you have seen the most on your Instagram timeline. With a range of styles, shapes, colors, and sizes to choose from, Optical Center has prescription glasses and sunglasses that are sure to suit you.

To help you find the best glasses for you, here are some tips for you to choose based on your face shape:

– Round:

For people with a round face shape, what they should try above all else is to create angles to blur those features. What round glasses would do is accentuate this shape more. Thus, we will look for a transparent bridge and rectangular, square shapes… in short, straight lines that give balance to the face.

– Square:

For these faces, frames with oval, aviator, and round shapes will be a sure hit. In this way, the square shapes of your face will be softened: Large forehead and jaw, very marked angles… Never opt for glasses with straight-line shapes, because you will only further enhance your features and square features.

– Oval: 

If this is your shape, you are in luck, since it is the one that best suits glasses: hardly a frame will disadvantage you. Of course, you have some tricks depending on what you want to highlight: do not choose very large sizes to prevent your face from going into the background, opt for elongated frames if you want to accentuate the cheekbones and, in terms of shapes, choose the one you see that harmonizes more your features.

– Elongated:

For faces with an elongated shape, the main objective when choosing glasses is that they provide the sensation of shortening your face. Round and oval shapes tend to suit this type of face. When it comes to size, don’t go for extremes, either too big nor too small.

– Triangular:

These Faces

Also called “heart-shaped”- stand out for having a very wide upper area (forehead and eyes) and a narrow lower area (chin and lips). In these cases we must focus our efforts on enhancing the upper area to contribute to the balance of the face; you will achieve this with frames that have details on the upper part: higher tones, angular touches. A good example of these faces is cat-eye shapes, which are also very fashionable this season.

Now you know, choose your ideal glasses and start wearing them as you do with a bag, shoes or earrings. At Optical Center we have frames with prescription glasses, sunglasses that you will love, and, with our wide range of styles, shapes, colors, and sizes, we are sure to find the perfect glasses for you. Make an appointment at your nearest optician and we will show you!