Significance of Software Testing

Software Testing
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Software testing is vital if there are errors or bugs, and they can be recognized in the early phase of software development. Proper testing of software products ensures security, high performance, and reliability. Moreover, there are different types of software testing such as regression testing in software testing, integration testing, unit testing, etc.
In this blog, we will discuss software testing and especially regression testing.

Some Past Events That Make us Realize the Need for Testing

Testing is essential because software bugs are dangerous for the entire system. Software bugs and errors can potentially lead to human and monetary loss, and history provides us with some events. Let’s know about some incidents that make us realize the need for software testing.
● The terminal Bloomberg crashed in London due to a software crash. This incident affected more than 300,000 traders in the financial market and forced the government to put off a debt sale of 3bn pounds.
● In 1996, a software bug manipulated the bank accounts of 823 customers in an American bank. This incident led to a credit of 920 million US dollars from the U.S. bank.
● There was a software failure in the airbag sensory detectors of Nissan cars. This incident has recalled over 1 Million Nissan cars from the market. Also, there were two incidents reported also.
● Once there was a failure in the POS system of Starbucks software in the United States and Canada. This incident led to the sixty percent of stores in both countries. Previously the stores served free coffee as they could not process the transaction.
● It is the costliest incident in history as a software bug affected the launch of a military satellite. This incident led to the failure of a $1.2 billion military satellite.
● There were about 264 people dead in the China Airlines Airbus A300 due to the presence of software bugs in the airline’s system
● The bug in the Windows 10 enables the users to escape from the security sandboxes as there was a flaw in the win32k system.
● In the year 1985, the Therac-25 radiation therapy machine of Canada malfunctioned because of the presence of a software bug. This incident leads to the delivery of lethal radiation doses to the patients.

A Brief Overview of Regression Testing

Regression testing is one type of software testing, and it is carried out during the maintenance stage in the software development life cycle. The technique of regression testing in software testing can be performed at all three stages of testing.
Benefits of Regression Testing
● It helps ensure the changes put in the software avoid introducing new bugs.
● It helps recognize whether the software works as intended after changes or modifications.
● It helps improve the overall stability and reliability of the software.
● This point should be kept in mind that regression testing in software testing is an ongoing process that should be performed during all the phases of software development.
● Moreover, the incidents like airbag sensor detector failure in Nissan cars showcase that regression testing can play a major role in dealing with these types of incidents.
Difference Between Regression Testing and Software Testing
● Though regression testing is still a type of software testing, some differences are displayed between them.
● In software testing, the evaluation of individual software takes place. In contrast, regression testing is carried out to validate whether the recent code or program has not impacted the existing functionalities negatively.
● The purpose of software testing is to evaluate the functionality of the entire software application simply. In contrast, regression testing aims to check for any side effects of the changes made to the current functionalities.
● In software testing, the software tester test whether the code is running as it was intended, whereas regression testing is performed for past cases of the test
● Software testing is performed for the quality of software deployment and software and software development.
● In software testing, the focus is majorly on the end user’s behavior while software testing application, whereas regressing testing focuses on unexpected side effects.
How Opkey Smoothen the Regression Testing?
● Opkey is one of the well-known tools that streamline regression testing. It provides the AI-powered test automation platform enabling customers to minimize their costs, effort, and regression testing timelines. Opkey provides the following features in its regression testing.
● The pre-built test accelerator repository contains about 30,000+ cases of automated tests for more than fourteen ERPs. This enables the coverage of regression testing in software testing from the zeroth day.
● It encompasses the no-code-test creation capability that transforms manual test cases into automated ones. Moreover, this no-code platform enables technical and non-technical users to easily design automated regression tests with the help of drag and drop interface.
● It ensures the self-healing script technology that helps diagnose the cause of test failure and enables the user to fix the tests with one click. This helps reduce the maintenance of test efforts by almost 80% and boosts the testing process and the entire development.
● If you want to know more about regression testing in software testing, you can check out the website of Opkey. You can also book a demo!