5 Pro Tips on How to Use Instagram for Business in 2023

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With over one billion people on Instagram, businesses have an unprecedented opportunity to reach their target audience without a hitch. In recent years, the way businesses market has drastically changed, and traditional methods such as door-to-door pitches are no longer as appealing as they used to be.

Now, consumers want to be engaged and entertained and be a part of the bigger picture. Social media channels enable just that, which makes them the perfect place where you can deploy your marketing campaign.

As things stand, 22% of marketers report that Instagram has the highest growth potential, more than any other social media platform. However, finding success on Instagram will be no easy feat, but that’s why we prepared some pro tips you can implement into your strategy and take Instagram by storm.

Understanding the Basics of Instagram

It is important for businesses to understand the latest Instagram algorithm in order to devise a winning strategy. The newest Insta algorithm allows users more control than ever before, helping to ensure that they reach as many people as possible, especially via Reels.

That being said, understanding the way this algorithm works can be quite tricky. However, some basics include understanding how hashtags and captions help increase engagement and improve the quality of posts to get maximum notice. 

This is where you can make the most of Insta Story viewer tools as they will allow you to take a look at what your competitors are doing anonymously or without even having an Instagram profile. Taking a look at what works and what does not will help you devise an informed strategy with all of the points of success considered.

Build Trust Among Prospects 

For a business, it’s paramount to focus on building trust among prospects and presenting the products and services you offer in the perfect light. In the past, webinars were the perfect events where businesses could engage and showcase their latest products, give insights regarding their production pipeline and try to convert leads.

However, with Instagram Live, there’s no need to be on the lookout for the latest conferencing platforms. Instagram Live makes it super simple to engage with all your followers and build connections on a human level rather than just focusing on making sales.

You can even think about putting the spotlight on your followers by incentivizing them to create content themselves. This gives them a unique experience and helps you find brand ambassadors without significant effort.

Leverage Ads

Businesses can leverage the platform’s targeted advertising tools to reach relevant consumers in their target market. By creating high-quality ads with captivating visuals, compelling copy, and well-researched targeting strategies, you can create ad campaigns that achieve your business goals. Here are some Instagram ads best practices.

  • Plan your campaigns carefully with well-thought-out targeting strategies and creative visuals;
  • Create ads that capture attention and drive action from your viewers;
  • Track custom metrics like conversions, impressions, and clicks to get insights into what’s working in your campaign;
  • Make quick adjustments to optimize performance for maximum results;
  • Utilize A/B testing to compare different versions of ads against each other.

Use Stories

Instagram Stories are a great way to boost your visibility and express your creativity. With features like the poll, questions, and gifs, you have the opportunity to engage your followers in various ways. 


It’s not a secret that consumers want to enjoy personalized experiences, and Instagram Stories offer you just that.  Plus, it reaches far more people than a single post would; it could be seen by both current members of your audience as well as new prospective customers who found you through the Explore page. 

And, it can also help you gather feedback on the services you offer. Consumers who do business with you will always be honest, and they are the only individuals you need to listen to if you want to pinpoint whether your strategy is yielding positive outcomes.

Keep Track of The Metrics

As a business that invests a lot in its marketing strategy, it’s important to track the performance your campaign yields. Fortunately, easy-to-use tools such as Instagram Insights, allow you to keep tabs on your followers and the reach of your content. 

To maximize your Instagram marketing strategy, switch to a Professional Account and gain access to powerful insights. Utilize these data-driven decisions in order to provide the best viewing experience for your followers; a feed of carefully crafted content that will lead them along their customer journey.


Instagram has become an invaluable platform for businesses looking to reach and engage with their target audience. With over a billion active users, businesses can take advantage of many opportunities to showcase their products and services. 

To maximize success on the platform, you’ll need to understand the latest changes in the Instagram algorithm, build trust among prospects, leverage targeted advertising tools, utilize Instagram Stories, and track metrics through Instagram Insights.

By following these tips, your business can create compelling campaigns that connect with the right people and reach your desired goals.