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If You Can’t Find Clarity on a Full-Time Trip


The idea of ​​leaving work to travel around the world is not a good idea until you are very clear about it. It takes a lot of compromises, sacrifice, commitment, and passion to travel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but he manages to survive successfully. For many people, survival while traveling is not a big deal, but they find it difficult to be satisfied with nomadic life. While becoming a hiker for life may be easier than expected, it can be a test moment to find clarity about beliefs and feelings.


The pain of making a decision to stop


Living a nomadic life seems exciting, especially in early childhood when you are young, energetic, healthy, and curious. Even though the number of people is small, he has given up his normal lifestyle and decided to live out of a suitcase for a lifetime. He manages to defend himself and do what he always wanted. They don’t listen to people who call them selfish, bad, stupid, illogical, unstable, etc. It takes a heart of steel to listen to such comments and still ignore them. Sometimes you have to build a dream fortress in your heart in successive years. Only when this citadel of ambitions becomes huge and indestructible will you be able to reveal your plans.


It could take a year or two or even longer to settle down and say, “Just do it!” When you are finally done, one day go to your manager and tell him that you have had a good time in the company, but now is the time to say goodbye. Depending on which part of the world you live in, you may react differently to your decisions. Someone could laugh at you for acting like a child, someone could look at you in awe, and someone couldn’t care about your life at all.

The last reaction of ignorance is the most painful, especially when it comes to friends who you thought were your best friends. One of the more secret reasons for making such bold decisions is to ask people for praise. and if you don’t get the level of appreciation you want, it is painful to accept people’s unsuspecting behavior. In any case, however, you should make your way and close the eyes of everyone who disappointed you.


And After you Leave the House?


The idea of ​​living in a hostel, hotel, or short-term rental has long inspired the heart. For some people, it could be an electrifying year of life; and for others, it could take a decade or two. The only place you can call home is in your hometown where you were born and grew up. The rest of the world becomes a vacation spot for you. The only thing that remains constant for nomads is change; everything else is so temporary but fascinating. If you are a nomad, you have to readjust your thoughts every time you change your position and stay detached from things and people.


The feeling of not having a stable group of friends, family, and spouse can haunt you after some time. There comes a time when you feel too lonely. Feel the need to express your heart. You want to scream from the edge of a cliff and scream that you feel lost. You cannot set goals in life without a clear view of life.

When you’re tired of wandering around different countries, you feel a compulsive desire to save money on bringing up children, to celebrate your wedding day with your spouse, to have dinner with friends and colleagues, and to do everything you can introduce myself so far I never wanted to do it because everyone else did. At this point, you want to take part in this rat race and join the crowd you’ve always loathed. You are thinking of creating your own conditions for life with a standard routine and making it more rewarding. This is the moment when you don’t want to compete with anyone other than life.

Humanity cannot overcome dissatisfaction with life. Decide to travel to seek inner satisfaction and then give up to feel more satisfied. Travelers are not a group of saints who do without the world and can settle for minimal things in life. Though fraudsters become minimalists, they remain materialistic in many ways, which becomes the main cause of the discontent of current life. It is true that they achieve many more things in different forms than their colleagues at home, but it is not in their hands to avoid losing their loved ones. However, it’s not a shame to be a little dissatisfied with your results. At least there is the motivation to move forward.

What About the Feeling of Failure?


You left home and work as you wanted without thinking much about someone’s emotional state. It was an important decision, wasn’t it? Now that you are not satisfied with your nomadic lifestyle, you no longer have to be ashamed to accept it. Your people at home may feel bankruptcy for a few days or months, but if you are sure that you are accepting your current mood, you can respond positively to them that you have returned home by taxi, but it is not because you have not failed. It’s because you missed your clan. You wanted to live as you did, so you chose a home all over the world.


You could survive the financial challenges of nomadic life, face adventures, and do anything to stay on the road forever. However, when it comes to emotional competitions, even the richest person in the world feels lonely. Choosing a nomad’s life was your choice, and if you feel insecure about your existence, even if you’ve listened to your heart, your choice is again to realign your life.


You have had your share of perseverance and experience and you can love it forever in your heart. Anyone who wants to hear your stories is more than welcome. But you should stay away from the people who influence your morale. Nobody wrote in the rule set that if you become a nomad you have to find your outlook on life. You could make your mark all over the world, but still feel chaotic about your existence. It’s okay to make your definition of life and be in this world on your terms. Whether it’s living life out of a suitcase or spending time in a cozy apartment in your birthplace. Just trust your decisions and remember that life is too short to encourage regret. Choose your lifestyle and move with the flow.





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