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How to Use a Business Loan for a Home Based Startup?


Every entrepreneur is a powerhouse of talent and ideas. Yet one of the common hurdles faced is the means to get a viable source of finance. With India powering up all startup and business ideas through startup India campaigns and tax benefits, several lenders have come to aid the budding entrepreneurs. How to Use a Business Loan for a Home-Based Startup?

As we progress along with this comprehensive draft, we hope to address all queries in this regard.

Business loans

Business loans are unsecured loans provided by NBFCs to bridge the financial gaps for any business through feasible interest rates. Based on the documents submitted, lenders offer finance in the form of Flexi loans or term loans. Lenders such as Fullerton India provide business loans with minimal documentation and the shortest waiting period at interest rates from 17% to 21%.

1. How to choose a lender?

Applicants can choose the appropriate lender after comparing the interest rates and resultant EMI using a business loan EMI calculator available online. Specific lenders also provide an eligibility calculator that helps applicants easily understand requirements and eligibility for the business loan application.

2. Business loans for women

Lenders such as Fullerton India also have a dedicated business loan for women which provides unsecured financial assistance up to Rs.50 lakhs with flexible repayment options and minimal documentation.

How do I use a business loan to fund a home-based startup?

Every extensive scale businesses that we know today started from humble beginnings. With the right steps and organized execution, one can grow their home-based startups extensively with business loans.

Let’s see how.

1. Marketing

A good customers-reach means a good brand reach. Only the proper technique of marketing can nurture a brand and make the market aware of its quality. Say you are planning to start a bakery. Listing your brand in the local business listings and creating a dedicated website can increase the inflow of customers to your bakery.

It requires the right balance of offline and online marketing to boost business in the current era.

2. Employees

You might have a massive list of ideas in your head for your brand. However, it’s humanly impossible to execute it alone. Hire the right set of employees that not only understand with your brand but also possess the right set of skills.

3. Technology

Digital and social media marketing is the new word of mouth. Hence invest in good systems, software and technology to scale your brand’s digital reach. You can also use a small amount from your business loans to buy upgraded computers and advanced software.

4. Business expansion

Investing in business expansion can make your brand name more familiar in the retail market. It can range from creating your workstation to opening a new outlet. However, before expanding, you need to establish your brand. Business loans can be of great assistance for business expansion needs.

5. Working capital

The free flow of cash is the soul that keeps any business alive. From day to day needs to paying salary to employees, the firm must possess an excellent working capital. If you are facing difficulties in this free flow of cash, business loans can be of great assistance.

Final thoughts

This digitized era is the era for startups. With the right due diligence and research, one can choose the right lender for their needs.


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