How to Get Vegan Pizza Delivered to You


Even if you’ve made the decision to eat plant-based, your food tastes don’t change. You can still enjoy pizza and all the foods you love, you just make different choices. Eating out can be a challenge, but with vegan pizza delivery, you can have a great meal without animal products. Knowing which pizza options are vegan lets you have a lunch or dinner without compromising your values.

Why So Many Vegans Choose Papa John’s

The best pizzas start with a great crust. At Papa John’s, the original hand-tossed crust is made without milk, eggs, or honey. It’s plant-based and very tasty. The original pizza sauce and BBQ sauce are both made without animal products. Top off your pie with a variety of vegetables, onions, mushrooms, Roma tomatoes, spinach, and pineapple tidbits. Choose jalapeno peppers for a bit of spice, or go with banana or green peppers if you want the flavor without the heat. Four of the signature dipping sauces are vegan, Signature Garlic, Buffalo, BBQ, and Pizza. The Original Breadsticks are a great side to your plant-based pizza. When you’re thinking about lunch deals near me, Papa John’s is the right answer.

Order Online or Through the App For Simplicity

One of the easiest ways to get the vegan pizza you want is to order online or through the Papa John’s app on your smartphone. You can take your time ordering to make sure your pizza is plant-based with the ingredients you want. You’ll find some great specials without needing a coupon or any special codes. Before you submit your order, you can do a double-take to get it right. Order packets of our Special Seasonings and Crushed Red Pepper, both plant-based, to kick up the pizza profile.

Top 5 Lunch Deals Should You Be Excited For

The specials at Papa John’s might change, but you’ll always find some great lunch deals on your favorite pizzas, whether you’re feeding the family, your office bunch or the Little League team. Get a group deal on three or more pizzas that can be customized with toppings to delight every palate. If you’re feeding a bunch more people, choose the pizza party deal with five pizzas that come with different toppings to please everyone. If it’s just the family, you can find deals on individual pizzas that come with all the toppings you want. One of our most popular deals is to create your own through the list of specials and get 20% off the regular price. It pays to check out the specials, even if you know exactly what you want.

Stay True to Your Choices

The next time you’re wondering where to get lunch near me, instead of searching through a list of restaurants, just go to the Papa John’s site. You’ll get contactless delivery to keep your circle small. Earn points on your vegan purchases to order more pizzas at a later date. Have a great meal with easy setup and cleanup. Order Papa John’s pizza for lunch or dinner and know that you’re sticking to your convictions to eat plant-based meals.

Best Vegan Lunch Delivery Options & Lunch Deliver Near Me