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How to find cheap flights using Google Flights

Google Flights is a web flight booking search service that facilitates the acquisition of airline tickets through third-party suppliers.


In April 2011, we Department of Justice Antitrust Division approved Google’s $700 million purchase of ITA Software. In 2011, Google launched Google Flights, which used algorithms gained from this purchase.



An innovation of Google Flights is that it allows open-ended searches supported criteria aside from the destination; for instance, a user may look for flights within a variety of times and a budget and be offered various destination choices. Alternatively, a user can select a destination, and Google Flights will calculate every price for every day of the subsequent 12 months, visualized during a graph or table. this enables users to simply spot the most cost-effective date to fly to the destination.



The service was immediately compared to competitors like Expedia, Orbitz,, and Bing.

Competitor issued a press release that their service was superior to Google’s which they might be competitive.


There was no immediate change within the price of stocks for Priceline, Expedia, or Travelzoo in response to the opening of Google Flights.


Shortly after the location launched, Expedia witnessed the Senate Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee that Google did not keep a promise to rank Google Flight listings below the listings of competitors during a Google search.


Using Google Flights to seek out cheap flights


Google Flights may be a powerful airfare program, with it you’ll do such a lot quite just basic city to city searches. It allows you to look for reasonable fares over entire regions and a good range of dates at an equivalent time.


You can also set price alerts and consider airfare prices from your origin to cities across the whole map, all directly. 


Map search

Suppose you don’t have a destination in mind but want to ascertain airfares from your city. Type in your city name and date range, and a map will come up with sample fares to varied cities.

You can move around the map and concentrate or bent see prices in several cities.


And if your dates are flexible you’ve got the choice of viewing the simplest prices over a variety of dates. Just click on the dates box, then select “Flexible dates” and you’ll be ready to view prices for a weekend, one week, or two week trip for a selected month or a whole six month period.

I love using this feature to look for reasonable flights to a whole continent because my travel dates are usually flexible. And once you get to Europe or Asia it’s easy to seek out cheap flights to your final destination.


To see flights to a selected city, just click thereon city.

After that, click “View flights” and you’ll be delivered to the quality Google Flights search. Here you’ll filter the results by the number of stops, specific airlines or alliances, departure or time of arrival, and connecting airports.


A really handy feature is that you simply can even add the amount of carry-on bags you propose to hold to your search. So if the airline charges extra for a carry-on, it’ll already be factored into the worth. as long as most airlines have Basic Economy fares, which usually don’t include the worth of a carry-on, this may offer you a far better idea of which ticket is really the most cost-effective.

You can choose the departure and return flights you would like then you’ll tend the choice to shop for the flight from a variety of various sites.

One thing to remember when you’re booking your flight is that some credit cards award bonus miles or points for airfare, but that there are some restrictions when it involves earning these bonuses.


For example, with The Platinum Card® from American Express, you’ll earn 5X Amex Membership Rewards points on airfare if it’s purchased directly with the airline or through the Amex travel site. So purchases on other 3rd-party sites, like Priceline or Orbitz, won’t earn bonus points.


Most of the simplest travel credit cards that earn bonus points on airfare or travel purchases don’t have such specifics restrictions. But make certain to double-check so you don’t miss out on your rewards.


Know if you’re getting a deal & separate ticket searches

Google’s basic flight search has all of the quality features you’d expect, with a couple of extra bells and whistles which will assist you to find the simplest deals.


For example, once you look for flights there’s a box at rock bottom of the page which will tell you ways the present prices you’re seeing compare to what that specific flight normally costs. during this example, for a flight to Amsterdam, the worth is what Google would expect – not a nasty deal or an exceptional deal.


Lots of ways to match prices

Google Flights has several alternative ways for you to quickly compare prices on different dates, times, and from different airports.


Once you enter a city pair within the search you’ll easily scroll through the calendar to ascertain the most cost-effective prices.

Drawbacks and limitations

Google Flights is simply an inquiry tool. You can’t book directly at the location. But the location searches very quickly, so albeit you’ve got to book elsewhere you’ll still save time.


One downside is that you simply can’t look for Southwest flights, because Southwest prefers you search through their website directly. this is often an enormous deal for anyone with a Southwest Companion Pass. So don’t forget to undertake your search on the Southwest website, too.


If you would like to make certain that you’re comparing the costs for each flight to your destination, an honest trick to seem up your destination’s airport on Wikipedia.



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