Essential Sound Equipment For A Summer Festival

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With summer just around the corner, preparation for summer music festivals will be in full swing! The time to party, spend time with friends in the sun, and enjoy great music from live bands and DJs, Summer music festivals are some of the hottest events of the season. Whether it’s a small local festival or something much larger in scale, sound equipment is absolutely essential to ensure the festival goes off without a hitch. Quality sound and acoustics make all the difference for a festival goer’s experience and could make or break the success of a festival. In this article, we will explore the essential sound equipment 

necessary for a victorious summer music festival. 

Music speakers 

Music speakers are the obvious go-to sound equipment for any music festival. Speakers come in various shapes and sizes, suitable for both small and large scale events. A great idea is to purchase or hire a mixer of some kind that will allow for two or more sources of audio to be blended together, such as live instruments and DJ sets. This way you can create the perfect sound for the crowd. 


Amplifiers are used to boost the sound of a microphone or instrument. These are particularly important for large music festivals since sound is much harder to amplify when outside. A professional sound amplifier of high quality is required to ensure all people in the crowd can hear the musicians. You can hire amplifiers from many music equipment companies that specialize in sound equipment hire for festivals. 


Another must-have for a successful music festival is a microphone. Microphones come in various forms, from wired and wireless models to handhelds and lapel mics. You will need a couple of each type depending on how many bands/DJs you have lined up to perform at your festival. Of course, for bigger and larger music festivals some performers may come equipped with their own stage kit, however, having enough microphones to hand is always a good idea. A few spare microphones are necessary in case of sound issues during a live set. 

Mixing desks 

Mixing desks and consoles are pieces of equipment used to control the volume of sound from different sources. They are also useful for adjusting levels, equalizing tone, and adding effects to audio. This is especially important for larger festivals where multiple acts will be performed in a single day, as a mixing console can help you transition between live sets and make sure all sound levels are balanced throughout the show. 

Audio hire packages 

A great solution for sourcing all these necessary pieces of sound equipment and more is audio hire packages. These are offered by a range of specialist businesses that supply a wide variety of clientele with sound equipment for a number of different events. Whether it’s a music festival, club night, live DJ set, or special occasion, these companies can provide everything required in one package. Obviously, each package will be tailored to the needs and size of each event and venue. For event organizers who may have little to no experience with sound equipment, this is a great way to get access to everything that will ensure a great quality sound for the crowds all night long!