Al-Nassr vs Abha Summary of the Football Match

Al-Nassr vs Abha

‘Al-Nassr vs Abha’ Cristiano Ronaldo and Al Nassr scored twice in the second half to overcome Abha 2-1 and keep their title aspirations alive. With nine games remaining in the season, they are now just one point behind league leaders Al Ittihad. Earlier in the day, Al Ittihad defeated Al Fateh 5-1 thanks to a hat-trick from top scorer Abderrazak Hamdallah.

A first-half Abha goal scored by Abdulfattah Adam, an Al Nassr product on loan to Abha, stunned Al-Nassr vs Abha. The 28-year-old performed well to hit the top corner, but he refused to celebrate out of respect for Al Nassr and the club’s fans.

With wild offensive sequences and no rhythm in their moves, Al Nassr failed to mount a response. After the break, their urgency grew, but they required a long-range set-piece goal from Ronaldo and a penalty kick scored by Talisca to win.

Al Nassr was startled by an Abha goal in the first half scored by Abdulfattah Adam, an Al Nassr product on loan to Abha. The 28-year-old put in a strong performance to strike the top corner, but he declined to celebrate out of respect for Al-Nassr vs Abha and the club’s supporters.

Al Nassr failed to respond with chaotic attacking sequences and no rhythm in their actions. Their urgency increased after the interval, but they needed a long-range set-piece goal from Ronaldo and a penalty shot from Talisca to win.

Final score Al-Nassr vs Abha

Abha 1 0 1 Al Nassr 0 2


Al Nassr (4-3-3): 44-Nawaf Alaqidi (GK) — 2-Sultan Al-Ghanam, 5-Alamri, Alvaro Gonzalez (21), and Konan (13). — 8-Alsulaihem (16-Maran, 46′), 18-Luiz Gustavo, 17-Alkhaibari (19-Alhassan, 65′)— 94-Talisca, 7-Ronaldo, 29-Ghareeb. Abha (4-2-3-1): 16-Devis Epassy (GK) — 39-Al Hamsal, 19-Attouchi, 4-Natiq, 3-Al-Zori — 21-Al Sudani, 34- Saddiki — 9-Fattah Adam, 10-Bguir, 88-Al-Salouli — 20-Felipe Caicedo

Al-Nassr vs Abha  live updates and highlights from the Saudi Pro League Final: Final score: Al Nassr 2-1 Abha Abha posed no genuine danger to Al Nassr’s advantage, and Cristiano Ronaldo and his team are now just one point behind Al Ittihad for first place in the Saudi Pro League.

90th minute Update: An additional 12 minutes have been granted. What a remarkable comeback by Al Nassr.

Al Nassr is penalized in the 86th minute! Everything is collapsing around Abha. VAR instructs the referee to examine Abha’s Adam’s handball. (the Al Nassr loanee). Talisca then transforms it. This has been turned around by Al Nassr!

Abha receives a red card in the 80th minute! Al Sudani receives the second yellow card.

Goal by Al Nassr in the 78th minute! Cristiano Ronaldo scores with a long-range free-kick rocket that flies through the wall and beyond Abha’s Cameroonian goalkeeper. The score came only minutes after Ronaldo failed to connect on a header at the near post.

Abha has a chance in the 76th minute! Adam has an amazing move, but he can’t complete it.

Al Nassr has a chance in the 69th minute! The ball is passed about among the Al Nassr attackers before arriving reach Cristiano Ronaldo in the box. However, his footwork does not provide him enough space, and his attempt is once again stopped by Natiq. He’s been fantastic today. SUB 65th minute Ali Alhassan replaces Al Nassr. Al-Khaibari. That is a like-for-like exchange.

60th minute: Al Nassr’s offensive zeal has waned in recent minutes.

53rd minute: Possibility Mr. Nassr! The Cameroonian goalkeeper should have quick reactions. There is an

46th minute: Possibility Mr. Nassr! Talisca launches a stunning scissors kick that pings just wide of the left post seconds after kicking off the second half. To begin the half, Al Nassr came close.

Al Nassr 0-1 Abha at halftime

Halftime: Al Nassr had a poor first half in which they could not generate nearly enough. Cristiano Ronaldo has been sluggish, and there has been no coordination or combination in attack, with Ghareeb, Ronaldo, and Talisca all attempting to do everything on their own. The folks in yellow have little chemistry.

Meanwhile, Abha has demonstrated excellent collaboration. They’re defending as a unit, even the wingers, and they got a goal from Fattah Adam, who refused to celebrate because he scored against his parent club. The Abha front four may be problematic with transition. In actuality, it appears that Abha will go up 2-0 rather than Al Nassr equalizing.

5 minutes of stoppage time in the 45th minute. Abha has been defending in a calm manner. They want to take the lead into the locker room.

37th minute: Al Nassr! Ghareeb fires from a distance, and it is deflected for a corner. But Al Nassr’s opportunities aren’t making the goalie work.

Yellow to Al Nassr’s Al-Khaibari in the 33rd minute. The defensive midfielder brings down Abha’s on-the-break center-forward Felipe Caicedo. A well-deserved warning, and Abha are proving to be dangerous on the break.

Abha scores at the 26th minute! Abdulfattah Adam, on loan from Al Nassr, will score. He fires an unstoppable shot into the upper 90.

Ronaldo denied again in the 18th minute! Natiq made another outstanding effort in the area, sliding in to thwart Ronaldo, who was one-on-one with the Abha goalie.

14th minute: Natiq, an Iraq international centre-back, makes an excellent defensive effort to stop Cristiano Ronaldo in the Abha area. Clean, classy defensive interference. Abha’s goal was disallowed in the seventh minute! A set piece is parried by Al Nassr’s goalkeeper right at Abha centre-back Attouchi, who bundles it home off the post.

However, the VAR intervenes and determines that Attouchi was offside when the free kick was taken. The goal has been removed. The officials made an excellent judgment.

Al Nassr vs. Abha lineups

Rudi Garcia rotated his team more, keeping Talisca and Jaloliddin Masharipov on the bench and resting Luiz Gustavo for the cup match. With captain Sami Al-Najei out injured, two of the three start in a must-win game for Al Nassr.

The starting lineup for Al Nassr (4-3-3) is as follows: 44-Nawaf Alaqidi (GK) — 2-Sultan Al-Ghanam, 94-Talisca, 7-Ronaldo, 29-Ghareeb — 5-Alamri, 21-Alvaro Gonzalez, 13-Konan — 8-Alsulaihem, 18-Luiz Gustavo, 17-Alkhaibari

Al Nassr (9) substitutes: 22-Agustin Rossi (GK), Mohammad Al-Fatil, 4 3rd, Muhammad Abdullah Madu Majed Qasheesh, Ali Alhassan, 27, Nawaf Boushal, 19, Ali Lajami, 78, Jaloliddin Masharipov, 77, and Mohammed Maran, 16, were all arrested.