A Detailed Guide on Temporary Buildings for Businesses & Organizations

temporary buildings
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Buildings are inevitably necessary in businesses and organizations because they provide a secure and conducive space needed for optimum operations. Buildings for businesses and organizations offer production and manufacturing space, point of sale space, habitable space, storage, offices, and any other space.

Currently, many businesses and organizations prefer temporary buildings to permanent brick-and-mortar structures because they have numerous benefits. Many people think of temporary structures as buildings that are in use for a short or temporary time, but this is an outdated concept.

New innovations have created affordable and long-lasting temporary buildings that do not require a lot of maintenance. This increases the demand for temporary buildings in businesses and organizations. If you are interested in taking your business or organization in this direction, then this guide is for you.

Understanding Temporary Buildings for Businesses and Organizations

Temporary buildings are structures that are not made from brick and mortar and were typically intended to be used for a short time. However, this is not the case anymore; innovations that have emerged produce temporary structures that can be used in businesses and organizations for many years.

Temporary buildings can be designed and erected for any business or organization, whether it is a retail outlet, showroom, manufacturing business, or school. There is a need to use a professional provider such as Smart-Space if you are looking for bespoke designs to suit your needs. They also have modular structures such as industrial tents, shipping containers, and clear span structures that you can buy or hire.

Popular Temporary Buildings for Businesses and Organizations

Temporary buildings are giving businesses and organizations a new physical face at a high rate. Some are simple tented structures while others are long-lasting semi-permanent steel structures. Check these popular temporary buildings for businesses and organizations if you need to choose one.

  •         Steel buildings – Well, most temporary structures have some form of the steel frame to make them sturdy and safe for use. However, some steel buildings are considered semi-permanent structures because they are covered with steel sheets on top of the frames. They are strong enough to serve factories with heavy production, warehouses, public halls, worship centers, and retail businesses for many years. These structures may have controlled access and ensure the safety and security of items stored in them.
  •         Shipping containers – These are also strong and secure temporary buildings made of converted shipping containers. They are suitable for small business outlets, classrooms, storage facilities, and other uses. The good thing is that they can be fabricated in a factory and then transported to where they are wanted when already fitted with all the desired amenities.
  •         Canopies and shades – These are also common temporary buildings for businesses and organizations. They are used as loading bays in warehouses, sports shades for an audience, shades for cars in valet businesses, or even open-air restaurants and cafes. Canopies and shades are among the most affordable and easy-to-install temporary buildings around.
  •         Industrial tents – Apart from using temporary steel buildings, businesses can use industrial tents such as the clear span structures provided by Smart-Space. They are large and suitable for logistics businesses and institutions that need large halls made of temporary materials. One can buy or lease prefabricated industrial tents or have custom ones made to suit their needs.
  •         Greenhouses – Although greenhouses have been around for a long time, they are categorized as temporary buildings because they are often made of light PVC or fabric supported by light gauge frames. They regulate temperatures and light reaching the plants; hence, they are very important in agriculture.

How to Buy Temporary Buildings for Businesses and Organizations

If you look around, more and more businesses and organizations are switching to the use of temporary buildings. Luckily, they blend well with existing buildings. But if you are just starting off a new business, you can make temporary structures from the beginning. So, how do you buy or lease these structures?

Before you buy or lease, it is important to understand what you want. Do you want large clear span buildings, equipped shipping containers, or steel buildings? When you know what you want, it is easy to start looking for a supplier.

There are many suppliers who may offer temporary structures with a slight difference in their innovation. So, check well to avoid making a mistake when choosing a supplier.

The other important thing is to negotiate a good package in terms of features like size, colors, and other specifications. This will determine the price, which you will know when they give a quote. They should also let you know the turnaround time for the project.

Benefits of Using Temporary Buildings

When an organization or business chooses to use temporary buildings for its space, they enjoy numerous benefits. Here are the popular advantages to enjoy.

  •         Cost saving – Sustainable businesses and organizations look for ways to save on operation costs including through the use of temporary buildings. They are made of affordable materials and technology, making them better than brick-and-mortar structures. They also do not necessitate costly maintenance during their time of use.
  •         Time saving – Temporary buildings can be equipped for emergency uses in an organization or business. Typically, they will help you to set up a new business fast or expand an old one within no time. This saves a lot of time and boosts convenience.
  •         Flexibility – Temporary buildings are very flexible whether used in businesses or organizations. First, they are highly portable, so they can allow your business to relocate its structures whenever there is a need. They can also be used for different purposes such as production areas or storing goods, especially when you buy clear span industrial tents.
  •         Safety – Most temporary structures are built to specific standards that are guided by the law. Therefore, they are very secure for use by workers, customers, and other users. Before buying your temporary buildings, ensure they are compliant with the structural standards in your area, and if possible, get a certificate for the same.


You can join thousands of businesses and organizations that are already using temporary buildings by moving your business in this direction. From the insights shared above, it is easy to buy any variety of the temporary structures we have discussed. This will enable you to enjoy all possible benefits, especially the ones we have shared.