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A Complete Guide to about: Advanced SEO tricks and tips for 2020


If you have tried all the basic techniques of SEO, making small progress in your works, getting small results, now, its time.

Time to Level Up.

Advanced SEO technologies are the small strategies that will help you make better from others who all have been trying to score their best in SEO. They might be the little details that you must have looked into, what others had looked into which took them to the rank 1 position.

Now, it’s your turn to be the skyscraper!

Why should I level up in SEO now?

Among the 3.5 billion searches that happen a day on Google and likely search engines, it is very hard to keep up with the billions of web pages that can answer them.

Once you have done enough work to reach the first page of search engine results, it can be harder to rank the first position. This is because of the high competition that happens between the 10 results that aim for the same position.

It is of a known fact that not more than 25% of the searches go beyond the first ranking position.  People do not click other links when they can get answers from the first link itself. So, be the scholar of smaller grades, the first rank is your ultimate aim!

So, how do I begin my efforts?

1.  First, get your website SEO audited.

This is to make sure of your current status and knowing what goals you have to achieve in the coming period of time.

The goals can be formulated based on analytics and audits. There are different SEO services in Bangalore that do the auditing for websites who can give you strong and effective insights regarding the services that you must be taking care of for achieving the goals.

The auditing will mainly check the basic SEO techniques. There might be pages that are still not optimized for keywords, non- optimized URLs, lengthy meta descriptions, and so on.

Fixing these will give you the starting point for your advanced SEO tricks.

2.  Mobile-First Indexing is for real

Google admits that they receive around 60% of the online searches from mobile devices, which has forced them to declare the Mobile-First Indexing in 2019.

According to Mobile-First Indexing, the crawlers index the mobile-friendly pages first.

This doesn’t mean that desktop content and websites are not indexed or not valued, but they will be indexed after the mobile-friendly content only, which will definitely take you down the rank list.

So, moving towards mobile-friendly websites is a must!

3.  Voice search optimization

The use of voice assistants are on a dramatic rise these years and hence are the queries through voice searches.

In the era of podcasts and audiobooks, people prefer Alexa and Google Assistants to reply to them with the most optimized content without having to search on their own.

People using voice searches are not going to ask in the perfect written language, but, in the commonly spoken language.

“Hey, How do I get high SEO rankings?”- this might be asked instead of “High SEO ranking tips”.

Knowing this difference in the more used keywords and optimizing the content for the same is also important.

4.  User Intent is a golden key

Do you think your site has a lot of pages with a very outdated content strategy that is nagging around, wasting your chance to outshine the specific keyword?

So, its time to revamp those pages. The search engines have become smarter and that is not new news to us. The old school techniques of keyword stuffing do not work anymore. All you need to understand is the intent of the user behind each query.

If you find the user searching for the rate of flight tickets on a specific day, it is also to know the availability of the flights on the same day too.

Knowing or guessing the reason behind each user’s query helps the search engines understand the nature of the information that the user must be catered with.

So, the content creators must too understand the allied themes that the user will have in mind when he searches with a specific keyword. It will give the users a better experience with your content, which will give you more readers.

5.  Landing pages

Landing pages are the static pages that one gets directed to where you will see a clear piece of content, maybe an infographic and a call of action. And, Landing pages are created by companies to link to different articles, to be shared on social media, etc.

More than the homepage, the landing page has importance as they have the ability to convert a visitor into a solid lead. Different landing pages are sometimes used for different calls of action. And each landing page can be focused on a keyword.

6.  Social Media Promotion

If you are someone new with your website, getting a strong welcome can be a bit hard. Social media has grown a lot now, and you can totally make use of it.

The platforms like quora, Slideshare, etc can be totally used to make maximum usage of your knowledge and input where the same will be validated by the people who really value your work.

You can gain a considerable amount of fanbase for your responses on social media as well as your web page if you get to involve your links in the responses.

7.  Internal linking

By this time, everyone knows about external linking, how important it is, and find ways to gain some quality links too.

But, still, the importance of internal linking is left unsaid and unnoticed. The structure of the website is known for the crawlers when you make maximum usage of internal linking.

Also, one internally linked article can make way for another article on your same website, reducing the bounce rate.

Bounce rate, Click through rate al are very important when it comes to calculating the SEO ranking. There are a lot of on-page and off-page SEO techniques to be made use of while you create the world of SEO for your webpage.

You can lay your own strategies for your webpage and get the best results out of the same.





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