5 Ways Employee Scheduling Software Can Make Your Life Easier

Employee Scheduling Software
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One common challenge when running your own business is managing your employees. Working with people involves managing their competing needs as well as communicating information as it comes in. Sometimes, it may seem as if you spend your whole time communicating with people about schedule changes and managing the shift calendar instead of doing the important work of running your business.

Luckily, technology has the solution to this common management and business problem. Employee scheduling software, which often comes with a built-in team communication app, makes these tasks much easier. Here are a few ways employee scheduling software can reduce your workload and make your life easier.

1. Automating Scheduling Is Much Faster

The days of sitting with a calendar, a pen, and everyone’s competing availability for hours as you try to figure out shifts for the next two weeks are long gone. With employee scheduling software, scheduling is done in just a matter of minutes. You input people’s availability, and the software comes up with a schedule before you can even whip out your old paper calendar.

For more complex scheduling needs, this time-saving aspect is multiplied. For example, if you are managing multiple locations and need to schedule employees across locations, the scheduling software can handle this information.

2. Software Reduces Human Error

The problem with scheduling employees the old-fashioned way is that along with being time-consuming, it’s very easy to make a mistake. You don’t want to spend hours on schedule only to hear back from people immediately after you post the schedule that you got their availability wrong or forgot about their scheduled time off.

With software, you can input changes in availability, such as shift changes or scheduled time off, as soon as you find out about them. Then, the software takes that new information into account as soon as you generate the schedule and reduces the possibility of scheduling someone for a time they can’t work.

3. Cover Emergencies with the Software

The best-laid schedules are no match for the confusion of regular human life. Almost every week, someone will have to call in sick or suddenly have a change in availability. With employee scheduling software, you can look up information about who is available at a given time immediately instead of going through the list and calling all your off-work employees to see who can cover.

The software also takes some of the burden off of managers and bosses since employees can look at the schedule themselves and arrange coverage or switch shifts.

4. Employee Scheduling Software Manages Other Requests, Such as Time Off

As mentioned above, employee scheduling software reduces human error, such as scheduling people when they’ve requested time off. One way it’s able to do so is by containing information about people’s time off in the software. You can use the same software to manage people’s vacation time and PTO. Employees can request time off directly through the software, and you can approve or deny it, storing that information permanently in the database and making future scheduling easier.

5. Software Makes It Easier to Communicate

Most employee scheduling software is paired with a team communication app which makes it much easier to communicate schedules with the team. As soon as you finalize the schedule, you can send it out to all of your employees so everyone knows when they are working well enough in advance. If people want changes to their schedule, such as arranging shift switches, they can communicate those needs directly in the application.

When you’re managing multiple employees, employee scheduling software makes running your business much easier.